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How I Work

I've been working in persona and online with individuals and small groups for over 30 years and have a deep and intuitive knowledge of how to plan sessions to suit everyone.  I am also trained in Breathworks and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Pain Reduction.  

We begin with an initial conversation where we look at your health and wellbeing needs and establish what works for you. If you need paired of group sessions we can discuss how best to set things up.  We will then create a programme of massage , yoga , pilates, mindfulness tailored to suit your needs

Enhancing and maintaining health and wellbeing is something I am able to help with from my own life experience.  My role and forte is to support you in making small and manageable changes within your existing busy lives. 

Practical and consistent attention to supporting the nervous system to switch into its rest and digest mode is vital for enabling a better lifestyle.  The parasympathetic system is responsible for enabling our bodies to switch into rest and digest mode which is 

fundamental for our ability to manage stress and for our vital organs to function effectively. 

Regular sessions will help:


  • Develop awareness and understanding of unhelpful patterns of tension that may have evolved over time. 

  • Learn ways to release unhelpful patters of tension

  • Deepen your practise and improve energy, overall wellbeing and lifestyle. 

Each session is tailored to suit your individual or group needs which are regularly checked in on and discussed to get the best from each session.  

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