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Client Testimonials

How much do I love Amy and her yoga teaching? It’s hard to put it into words. She has been coming round to teach me and my friends – all of us middle-aged, all of us with age-related creaky joints and other body-glitches – for nearly 25 years. Putting us through our paces involves gentle twisting, bending and stretching, and a lot of thoughtful breathing. It’s just blissful, and we all always feel so much better after we’ve seen her.

Alice Hart Davis, Journalist and Author

"Amy Redler has been a wonderful and positive teacher for me in yoga, pilates, massage and personal injury therapy over many years.

She introduced me to the practice of yoga and pilates in the course of recovery from a debilitating shoulder injury, helping me in a range of exercises, stretches and practices geared towards my personal abilities and needs which have proved invaluable.

In group classes, private therapy sessions and summer yoga retreats, Amy has persistently helped me to make progress in yoga and pilates, developing all aspects of my physical abilities, suppleness and mind/body balance.

Her professional expertise, enthusiasm, personal attention, spiritual insights and good humour have been crucial in my personal and physical development and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone for both group teaching and one-to-one lessons."

Don McPherson, Screenwriter

"I love working with Amy. There is no better way to start the day than with one of Amy's classes. I leave feeling stretched, refreshed and two inches taller than when I went in. Her gentle and thoughtful approach approach to the very differing needs and capabilities of those in our class is a delight.

Lucy Taylor, Saturday Group Client

I have attended Amy's Pilates andYoga classes for many years from Triyoga in London and also fantastic week long Yoga holidays in Crete. Amy considers everyone's abilities and adapts her classes accordingly, no two classes are ever the same.  Her intuitive approach is quite unique and I thank her for keeping me mobile, happy and fit!

Sally Kefi, regular client

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