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I offer private mindfulness sessions to offer daily strategies for relaxation and to  create calm in your daily life using breath to support you.  I am able to offer specific programmes for Stress Reduction and Pain Management and Reduction.

Mindfulness is about cultivating the quality of being present, accepting the moment and experiencing how we are with ourselves and others.

One -2-One, paired and group sessions teach a range techniques and coping strategies to help you deal more effectively with your psychological, physical and emotional difficulties in a new way, enabling you to feel well equipped to manage the challenges you face. 

My experience both personally and professionally and much of my life's work has been with those suffering with physical, psychological, emotional pain, stress and trauma.  

Mindful practices have profound,  far reaching effects on all aspect of life . 

I also run stand alone two hour taster and 8 week Mindfulness for Stress Management courses and Mindfulness for Pain Management in group and other business settings, personally and on Zoom.

Mindfulness: Service
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